About Us Triglyph Books

Triglyph Books publishes illustrated books of the highest standard.

Founded in 2019 by renowned photographer, Dylan Thomas, and award-winning writer and journalist Clive Aslet, Triglyph Books seeks to push the boundaries of quality in illustrated books. Employing new photographic and production techniques, we create books of distinction, with a flexibility that has never previously been available.

Dylan and Clive’s combination of visual and editorial experience enables them to surpass the industry benchmark and achieve a superlative level across all aspects of the process – words, images, design, printing and binding.

The service offered by Triglyph Books is not only more cost effective than alternatives but offers far greater flexibility. This will be of interest to clients who want a product that is personalised to their requirements. For example, large print runs can be divided and specially customised for different purposes whilst small print runs can be surprisingly affordable. Books published in one format can be repackaged, with new material, at a later date as required. Triglyph Books works to your brief and your needs.

Triglyph titles can be sold through the book trade or, where privacy is an issue, restricted to private circulation. Furthermore, content generated for books can also be used to improve websites and other media.

Projects will benefit from the extensive network of contacts that Dylan and Clive have acquired over the course of their careers. Dylan and Clive are particularly well placed to access magazines and other media outlets as they are in regular contact with the country’s leading designers. Their daily exposure to the latest technological developments in publishing places Triglyph Books at the cutting edge.

Architects, corporations, designers, colleges, hotels and other bodies who want books that will celebrate their achievements and support their marketing efforts should consider Triglyph Books. It should also appeal to families who want to record their own homes.

In 2020, Triglyph books will publish Old Homes, New Life. The resurgence of the British country house, photographed by Dylan and written by Clive.

Clive Aslet, co founder

Clive Aslet, Writer

Clive is an award-winning architectural historian and journalist, acknowledged as a leading authority on Britain and its way of life. He is deeply familiar with every aspect of publishing, not least through his own books. He has published around twenty non-fiction titles, including The Last Country Houses and The American Country House, both for Yale University Press; The Last Country Houses was republished as The Edwardian Country House by Frances Lincoln. His first novel, The Birdcage, was published in 2014.

After leaving Cambridge in 1977, Clive joined the magazine Country Life to write about architecture; he was Editor from 1993-2006. He continues to contribute to newspapers and magazines, such as The Times, as well as broadcasting on radio and television.

He is a Fellow of the Arts and Humanities Research Institute at the University of Buckingham.
Married with three children, he lives in London and Ramsgate. David Dimbleby describes Clive’s writing as ‘charming, erudite, amusing...His energy, enthusiasm and learning, always lightly worn, are prodigious.’

Dylan Thomas, co founder

Dylan Thomas, Photographer

Dylan Thomas is one of Britain’s foremost photographers of people, interiors and brands. Having begun work as an assistant to the internationally famous Lord Snowdon, he now enjoys an outstanding reputation for detailed and technically complex work over a variety of visual media.

His latest book "Old Homes, New Life. The resurgence of the British country house" is a collaboration with writer Clive Aslet, the role and meaning of the country house in the 21st century. The book will published in Spring 2020.

As an expert interpreter of light and shadow, Dylan is acutely sensitive to the environment around him. This enables him to capture individuals and places with a spontaneity that makes both appear authentic and entirely natural. His images possess a timeless quality that removes the subject, and the viewer, from the chaotic rush of daily life, if only for a moment.

Dylan Thomas Photography is an award-winning photography studio offering a diverse range of skills and services across the globe. Their industry-leading client base is a testament to the unique personal investment that Dylan makes in any project, no matter the scale. The team provides project management, logistical coordination, styling, location advice, bespoke collaborations and campaigns, distribution, syndication, post-production editing, directing and moving image.

Dylan’s professional life is centred on London and his home county of Sussex, where he lives with his wife and three young children.